Read My Lips (6)


Speechreading Instruction Course – Set of 6 

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Listen with your eyes

If you are styding speechreading privately, these tapes will provide a valuable supplement to the learning process.

If you are using “Read My Lips!” as the primary learning tool, there are three rules you must absolutely follow if you are to be successful:

  1. Practice daily and don’t get discouraged. 
  2. Practice daily and don’t get discouraged. 
  3. Practice daily and don’t get discouraged. 

Our experience is that 15 to 20 minutes is the optimum practice time. You did not learn to read books in one lesson, and you won’t learn to read lips in one exposure. So don’t feel rushed, just relax, speechread in segments until you master this tape. It may take you two weeks, a month, or two months, depending upon your experience and natural aptitude. How long it takes is not as important as the end result: an improved, accomplished speechreader. 

When you have mastered one tape, continue on to the next tape in the series. When you have completed tape 6, you will have a wonderful rewarding new ability to communicate using speechreading. Continue to practice occasionally with all of the tapes to keep your skills sharp. If you are interested in more advanced material, see what’s new at our laboratory! 

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Speechreading Course