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Interpreter Directory & Services

This directory is provided by the Idaho State Council for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing as a public service. The Council claims no responsibility for the services rendered by individuals listed within. Although used with permission, the information has been provided by the individuals themselves and has not been independently checked or verified. The Council’s intent is to provide the public with an up-to-date listing of sign language/oral interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing in Idaho. Licensed interpreters are not required for private interpreting such as in churches, retail settings or individual conversations pursuant to Idaho Code Statute Title 54 Chapter 29 . To ensure an interpreter is licensed, please contact the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses.


To use relay services in Idaho, simply dial 7-1-1. Or call one of the toll free numbers below:

Idaho Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)

TTY/ASCII 1.800.377.3529
Voice: 1.800.377.1363
Speech-to-Speech: 1.888.791.3004
Spanish-to-Spanish: 1.866.252.0684
If you have suggestions, comments, or concerns, please contact: Hamilton Relay

Hamilton Relay provides traditional relay services for the state of Idaho including TTY, Voice Carry Over (VCO), Hearing Carry Over (HCO), Speech-to-Speech, Spanish-to-Spanish, and CapTel.

When you connect with Idaho Relay, a Communication Assistant (CA) will connect on the phone with you. Simply give the CA the number you wish to call and your call will be processed promptly, professionally and accurately.


Idaho offers CapTel through the Idaho Relay Service.  CapTel is a new technology developed by Ultratec, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin that allows individuals with hearing loss to view word-for-word captions of their telephone conversations.  This service is perfect for individuals who have good speech but do not hear well over the phone.

Internet Relay

Internet Relay (or IP Relay) gives those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech disabled the ability to place a relay call directly from a web browser.  Consumers can use any service provider they choose.  Below is a list of Internet Relay providers in alphabetical order:

Video Relay Service (VRS)

VRS uses communication assistants who are skilled interpreters to relay calls in sign language, rather than communication assistants to relay calls in text. Consumers can use any service provider they choose.  Below is a list of VRS providers in alphabetical order:

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a service utilizing video cameras to provide sign language interpreting services without an interpreter present. A typical VRI setup involves a deaf and hearing user at one location with a camera and television screen, and an interpreter at another location, typically a call center, who also has a camera and television screen. Both cameras offer video and audio connectivity, and the interpreter facilitates communication between the deaf and hearing users who are located together. The hearing person can be heard by the remote interpreter, who interprets into sign language that the deaf person can see on the television monitor. In turn, the deaf person signs to the camera and the interpreter can see what is being said, and then voices it for the hearing person to hear.

The terms Video Remote Interpreting and Video Relay Service should not be confused. The latter was originally called Video Relay Interpreting, but the name was changed and now the terms refer to two separate and distinct services.

Video Remote Interpreting Service Directory

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Other sources of interpreters/interpreting in Idaho:

Network Interpreting Service LLC

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses (License Type: SIGN, SIGNP, SIGNT)


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