Literature Series: Bird of a Different Feather and For A Decent Living VHS


ASL Literature Series Student Videotext

Bird of a Different Feather & For a Decent Living

The Student Videotext contains two original ASL narratives.  The narratives, by Ben Bahan and Sam Supalla, are based on the deaf experience and comprise the first set of our ASL Literature Series.

Ben Bahan’s allegorical fable, Bird of a Different Feather, explores the experiences of a different-looking bird within a family of eagles.  Rather than accepting the bird’s differences, the eagle family tries to apply a pathological approach to raising the unusual bird.  It is an odyssey familiar to many deaf people.

San Supalla’s For a Decent Living is a novella in which the protagonist is a deaf boy of the journey to find his deaf identity.  Leaving an unsympathetic hearing family, he faces the continuing dilemma of proving himself to his family, the deaf community, and society at large.

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