Your Pregnancy What to Expect


Deanne Bray and Missy Keast share what they learned during their 9 month journey through pregnancy and delivery. Deanne and Missy’s clear and easy-to-follow information and guidance from conception through birth will reassure, encourage, inform, and inspire every mother-to-be and their spouse.

Deanne, graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BA in Biology. She is pursuing a Masters in Education. She was a classroom teacher for 4 years. Starting at age 18, her passion in the entertainment industry has led her to become a performing artist on stage, in television and film. She also produces short films, documentary and educational films with her husband, Troy Kotsur, and daughter, Kyra. 

Missy, mother of 2, graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in history. She founded Signs for Intelligence with her husband to produce ASL education and learning materials. She also taught ASL classes for 18 years. In her spare time she tells children’s stories at bookstores and schools. 

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3 DVD’s in ASL