The Preservation of American Sign Language


What did sign language look like back in 1913? Are the signs similar or different? This DVD allows you to see the famous sign masters of the early 1900s. Through a special arrangement with the Gallaudet University Archives, Sign Media has professionally transferred a number of historic sign language films to Digital Video thus ensuring their preservation and accessibility for present and future generations. 

Selected portions of the following films are included in this DVD:

  • The Preservation of Sign Language by George Veditz
  • Lorna Doone by E.M. Gallaudet 
  • Dom Pedro’s Visit by J. Hotchkiss
  • Lay Sermon, The Irishman’s Flea by R. McGregor
  • The Signing of the Charter of Gallaudet College by A. Draper
  • This Discovery of Chloroform by Dougherty
  • BONUS VIDEO: Entire speech, The Preservation of Sign Language by George Veditz

Brian Malzkuhn provides a brief biography of each signer as well as a comparison of contemporary sign formation with some of the older signs seen in the films. 

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