The Eyeth Story (2nd Edition)


Signed by Keith Gamache, Jr. 

Inspired from a silent weekend for ASL students whose theme was Eyeth, this story was created to address the need for additional ASL literature. Follow Betel, Camas, Nilsen and Pitard into Eyeth and to unravel their world. You’ll see unfamiliar marking such as a floating orb, a car videophone and an eye implant. Visit interesting places like the communication center, the grand council, and Bell University. As you watch and study the events involved, you will understand that issues related to the deaf community are interwoven in the narrative. This literary piece would be suitable for advanced ASL students, ASL literature studies, and the deaf community in general. 

Story presented entire in American Sign Language (ASL) – Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes 

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ASL Story needed for ASL Literature