S.E.E. Me Fail


ASL Comedy DVD

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not ASL!” – S.E.E. with half the classifiers and none of the concepts!

Signing Exact English (I and II), forced oralism, and ignorance have gotten on Wink’s last Non Manual Marker! Enjoy bits from his on-the-road stand-up comedy performed in American Sign Language with some in-studio videos to give a one-on-one mentoring experience!


  • “I laughed so hard my beret fell on William Stoke lap!” ~ Laurent Clerc
  • “He truly hit a grand slam with this one” ~ “Dummy” Hoy
  • “Pizza!” ~ Keith Wann
  • “I’ve never seen people suck before, but that was the suckiest piece of suck that ever sucked!” ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Perfect for: Recovering S.E.E. signers, ignorant Alexander Graham Bell members, interpreters whose all day job just got cancelled, ASL students (no joke here, they are fragile), and of course Deaf clubs to be able to entertain young CODAs at 2am. 

Rated ASL-13 – Running time: 85 minutes – Stand-up voice interpreted


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ASL Comedy DVD