My Father’s Gift: The Love, The Commitment, My Parents


Growing up Windell has always seen his father and mother recount their life story.  Windell got to see firsthand ASL storytelling, living the experiences and feeling the jolt from the twist and turns, even if it was the hundredth time he seen the story.  Seeing and feeling these ASL stories had led Windell to the creation of a live show in order to share his parents beautiful story with the twist and turns he beheld growing up in a Deaf home.  Audiences get a taste of various emotions: laughter, joy, sadness, hurt, frustration and uplifting moments that will leave the audience with courage, interest and hopefully experiencing these moments can put not only each audience member’s life in perspective but also their view of the Deaf community and CODAs.

102 minutes/Presented in ASL with Voice and Subtitles

Winkshop. Inc.

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SKU: CDHH-D-59-2020