Love is Never Silent


When Margaret Ryder, the hearing daughter of deaf parents, grows up during the Great Depression, she alone is the link between Mama and Papa’s silent world and the hearing world they do not fully understand…and it does not understand them.  Her youth is spent sacrificing friendships and romance as she struggles to keep her parents’ deafness a secret from everyone who know her.

Torn between the responsibility she feels for her parents and her own desire for independence, Margaret quietly hides her growing resentment. When she falls in love and secretly marries a young soldier.  Margaret finally breaks free, shattering her now tenuous relationship with her parents.

Eventually, Margaret and her parents realize that their love as a family is stronger than the differences that have separated them.  A compelling vision of how courage, communication and understanding can reunite a family.

Staring Mare Winningham, Phyllis Frelich and Ed Waterstreet

98 minutes  Hallmark Hall of Fame movie

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