In The Land of The Deaf


A film by Nicolas Philibert 

One of the most acclaimed documentaries of the 90s, this beauiful film transports the viewer in “the land of the deaf,” a world of silence inhabited by an estimated 130 million people worldwide. With unerring curiosity and sensitivity, French filmmaker Nicolas Philibert portrays the difficulties and joys of being deaf, offering vivid portraits of a charismatic sign language teacher, a woman forced into a mental ward as a teen, a young man who remembers the first, horrifying experience of using a hearing ia,d and a deaf couple’s heartwarming journey into marriage. Philibert and his subjects explode stereotypes and misconceptions about deafness, profiling a community filled with pride and humor. By turns funny, poignant, illuminating and disturbing, In the Land of the Deaf will make you see (and perhaps hear) the world anew. 

1992 – France – 99 min. – Color – In French and French Sign Language with English subtitles 

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99 Minute Documentary about Deaf