An Introduction to the Deaf Community


A culturally-sensitive overview of social, cultural, and communicative facets of the lives of Deaf people

This thirty-minute narrated and open-captioned DVD provides a basic overview of Deaf people in America, their language and their culture. The program is designed to help the viewer realize that preconceived notions and ways of thinking about Deaf people may be inaccurate. A culturally-sensitive perspective is maintained throughout the program that encourages the viewer to begin to think of Deaf people as a member of a unique minority group.

The DVD also provides information about national and international organizations of and for Deaf people, employment opportunities, communication accessibility, resources to contact for further information. A special feature of the DVD is a list of some easy to follow, non-threatening communication tips and pointers. These tips and pointers can be extremely beneficial when communication with a Deaf person. 

Sign Media, Inc. (SMI) is the nation’s leading independent producer of videotapes, DVDs, and print materials in the areas of ASL Instruction, Interpreter Training and Deaf Studies. With the production of the Green Books Videos, Sign Media, Inc. set the standard for quality instructional materials. SMI is continuing this leadership with the publication of Master ASL!, the only curriculum meeting national and state standards for foreign language learning.

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