Through Deaf Eyes


Through Deaf Eyes depicts the story of Deaf America in more than 200 photographs, a tableau that also affords readers the opportunity to learn about the nation’s broader history.  The values and judgements of American society have had a impact on the education, employment, and family life of deaf people.  In turn, examining historical eras through a Deaf lens illuminates them in a singular way.  The photographs contained in this volume reveal the character of deaf people in school settings, in the workplace, during wartime, and using their cultural signature, American Sign Language.  for both deaf and hearing readers, the Deaf community portrayed in Through Deaf Eyes offers a unique and fascinating perspective on the value of human difference. 

Douglas C. Baynton, Jack R. Gannon, and Jean Lindquist Bergey, Authors

Published by Gallaudet University Press, Washington, D.C.

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A Photographic History of and American Community