The William Hoy Story


Children’s story book

William Hoy led the National League in stolen bases in his rookie year.  He had a strong, sure arm and knack for catching fly balls.  He was also deaf. 

William Ellsworth Hoy loved baseball more than anything.  When he was told he was too short for his school team, he wouldn’t let that stoop him – he practiced and became good enough to play in the major leagues!  Being deaf in the major leagues wasn’t easy, since few people used sign language in the 1880’s.  William had a hard time reading lips on the field and some players tried to trick him.  But he wouldn’t let that stop him either.  William taught the umpires hand signals so he could see the calls, and then he really started to score.

Discover how Dummy Hoy became one of the greatest and most beloved players of his time as he made baseball a better game.

Nancy Churnin, Author

Jez Tuya, Illustrator

Albert Whitman & Company

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