The Interpreter’s Guide to Life


The Interpreter’s Guide to Life: 365 Tips for Interpreters (Don’t wear black to a wedding and other words of advice) is a collection of pointers that is the result of Jack Hoza’s many years of experience in the field of American Sign Language/English interpretation.  The book is both enjoyable and thought provoking for interpreting students, newer interpreters, seasoned interpreters, and those who work with interpreters.

Here are some sample tips from The Interpreter’s Guide to Life:  Be a consumer of interpreting services at least once a year: it is good to be in the consumer’s shoes.

Mentor a beginning interpreter: you both benefit.

Attend to how native ASL signers and English speakers express themselves in various natural settings; they are our language models.

Jack Hoza, Ph.D.  Author

Published by Sign Media, Inc.



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