Now Hear This Harper Soars With Her Magic Ears


Children’s book.  When a child is diagnosed with hearing loss, it is overwhelming.  The future can feel uncertain and parents might worry whether or not their child will thrive.  Harper’s real-life story allows readers to follow her journey, proving both parents and children a much-needed dose of encouragement when facing any kind of unexpected diagnosis.  Through Harper’s navigation of hearing loss, kids can imagine what is possible.  Understanding and awareness are key to feeling included, and the community around a child with hearing loss is critical.  This story shares ways people in a deaf of hard of hearing child’s life can better support them.  Harper’s witty approach to storytelling resonates with young readers wand will surely inspire the people who love and support them.

Valli and Harper Gideons, Authors

Pricila Soares, Illustrator

Published by Gatekeeper Press

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