Interpretation Skills: English to American Sign Language (2nd Edition)


By Marty M. Taylor

(Second Edition)

English-ASL Interpreting students, educators, practitioners, and mentors will find this second edition of Interpretation Skills : English to American Sign Language useful and informative.  It builds on the first edition’s English to ASL interpreting practice, and – based on new research in ASL and interpreting – incorporates a wealth of additional Key Skills and Possible Errors.  Like the first edition, the second edition answers the complex question, “What skills are required to interpret effectively from English to ASL?”

The book categorizes and describes 85 Key Skills within eight Major Features:  Fingerspelling, Numbers, Lexicon, Classifiers, Space, Grammar, Interpreting, Composure, Appearance and Health.

Accompanying the descriptions of the eight Major Features are explanations of related possible errors, with over 400 specific examples.

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