How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships


This book will help families understand the resistance of a loved one with untreated hearing loss. There are more than 28,000,000 Americans with hearing loss. Twenty percent have sought help for themselves. Eighty percent have not. Among then 80 percent, many dismiss the extent of the problem, some deny they even have a problem, but almost all are resistant to seeking help. This results in millions of loved ones and their families enduring unnecessary strife and conflict. This is the first book exclusively for families that explains how to manage the frustrations of a highly resistant loved one who won’t seek treatment for hearing loss. It peels away layer after layer and exposes what is behind the resistance. Vanity, stigma and denial are addressed straight on. Steps are provided on how to conquer the emotional and psychological consequences that often bring crisis to the entire family. Besides fascinating insights into the psychological mechanisms behind resistance, clarified is the essential role family members play in shifting their loved one from “struggling to hear” to “hearing independence.” It will inspire readers to make the necessary adjustments in their lives that can result in profound changes and a higher quality of life for everyone.

Richard Carmen, Au.D. Author

Published by Auricle Ink Publishers, Sedona, Arizona

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