Hidden Frustrations


Hidden Frustrations chronicles a young woman’s remarkable journey of determination.  Maureen Mann shares her history as a hard-of-hearing student, striving to learn in mainstream educational settings.  She recounts seemingly innocuous school experiences that managed to cut tot he core of her self-esteem.  She artfully balances these stories with the powerful influences of her parents, her brother, and her husband and children.  Their support strengthened her resolve to overcome obstacles of discouragement and led her to a life of helping others remove similar barriers.  Maureen helps the reader grasp the subtle effects of a student’s feelings of “difference” on self-image and aspirations.  Her perseverance appears to arise from personal strength and the loving support of key individuals along the way.  She recounts her own formative steps toward self-acceptance, a journey that enabled her to understand and accept her deafness, freeing her to achieve both professional and personal aspirations.

Maureen Mann, Author

Malinda Eccarius, Editor

Published by Boys Town Press

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Book about hearing loss experiences