Ezekiel the deaf Therapy Dog, Ezekiel Helps Clean the House


Children’s picture story book.  This is a heartwarming story of a three-year-old deaf boxer Ezekiel, who diligently tries to help Mom clean the house on a Saturday morning.  Even though his intentions are good, he finds himself in the most awkward situations and gets himself into plenty of trouble.  He thinks of every excuse possible so he doesn’t have to help Mom clean the house.  He takes a nap, FaceTimes his favorite dog buddy Bowie, gets stuck in the couch, tears up the patio blinds, sits in time-out, and so much more.  All the pictures are actual photos.  You will love every minute of Ezekiel’s exciting adventure.

Mary and Tom Lyons, authors

Published by Covenant Books, Inc., SC


Covenant Books

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