Dina The Deaf Dinosaur


Drawing upon feelings from the author’s own childhood, DINA THE DEAF DINOSAUR tells the endearing story of Dina, a deaf dinosaur, who runs away from home because her parents would not let her learn sign language. In the woods she befriends Otto the Owl, Moliere the Mole, and Camilla the Chipmunk. Originally published in hardcover in 1998, and available in paperback for the first time, the author of this unique and important children’s book is Carole Addabbo, a teacher of sign language, an actress, and mother of a teenage son. Addabbo has been deaf since birth. The 16 illustrations are original watercolors by Valentine, a fine artist and weaver.

Carole Addabbo, Author

Valentine, Illustrator

Published by Hannacroix Creek Books, Ind.

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Children’s Book