Deaf Culture Behind Bars: Signs and Stories of a Texas Population


A Deaf woman offender describes her struggle with the cycle of violence in her life.  Deaf inmates talk about choices made while in the grips of addiction.  A Deaf offender reveals pride as the father of a Deaf son.  From communicating with police officers to survival in prison, Deaf inmates share, for the first time, their trials and triumphs.  American Sign Language used for daily living in the prison environment is pictured and explained, as well as the history of how communication service for Deaf offenders began in Texas.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has extensive experience in the provision of equal access and offers a viable model for other state prisons to use in the accommodation of Deaf offenders as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Ace of 1990.  This book combines human interest stories and hum rights approaches to understanding and communicating with Deaf offenders.

Katrina R. Miller, Ed.D. Author

Published by AGO Publications, OR

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Signs and Stories of a Texas Population