COVID Vaccine Videos

Monday August 8, 2022

Here are links to the 30-second COVID vaccine videos with captioning. There are two links below, one has 5 videos, and the other has 8 (the videos are quite large). These are all the 30-second videos for the entire campaign.  They’ve also captioned the 15-second videos that we shared earlier.  Let us know if you also want access to captioned versions of those.  These will also be on the SILC FB page and website soon.  Please let us know if you haven’t already received the Spanish versions and need them.

We also anticipate longer-form videos (roughly 2 minutes) with each volunteer telling more of their story.  Those videos are going through an approval process now.


Reportedly, it isn’t feasible for video description with the volunteers talking through the full 30-second videos.  Based on input from the Council, the Immunization Program is working with department communications to include it in future campaigns.


Thanks to all volunteers who put themselves and their families out there and community members who’ve worked to ensure ALL of us are included!  We also appreciate our partners at the Idaho Immunization Program - Division of Public Health, IDHW who worked with our community and continue to improve inclusion across all their programs.